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Men in Black Full Movie In 2018

Assalamu Alaikum
how are you all?
  Hope you are well. Today I will share with you about Men in Black International movie. Many of us love action movies again. So I came to you with this movie. Hope everyone likes the movie. This movie has used a lot of technology. However, there is nothing exciting about the movie. Yes English movie uses more technology. So it didn’t happen in this movie and in the meantime. The following is a summary of what this movie was made about:
In 1996 Brooklyn, Molly Wright witnesses her parents being neuralysed by agents of Men in Black while she helps an alien escape, avoiding neuralysation herself. 23 years later, rejected from government agencies due to her “delusions” regarding alien life, Molly tracks down an alien landing and follows MiB agents to their headquarters in New York City.

IMDb Ratings: 8.6/10
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Language: Hindi+ English
Quality: HDRip
Size: 1.2GB
Director: F. Gary Gray
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani

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Please tell me in the comment box how the movie looks. If you want to get a R&M movie with such reviews, you would like a lot of comments on comments.

Wished to see the movie.

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