Movies Review By Capital America Civil War In 2019

Is the audience’s attraction to the commercial film story ending in two-and-a-half-hours? At least that’s what the international cinema trend is pointing to Along with cinema, the attraction towards television series has been increasing for a long time But over the past few years, some film franchises have reached the hepatology to grow from trilogy, quadrilogy. Especially in the case of the Young Adulthood tribe, this is what it looks like now Where there is no way to look at the number three or four in the series, where does the story begin? The superhero genre pictures are about to take shape in this order

Marvel camp’s most recent release is ‘Captain America: Civil War’ In the film of the superhero genre, how to delve into the politics of realism, its puppets, is quite clear in this film, especially compared to its predecessors. The appointment of a non-governmental controlled military has been a major issue in the United States since the 9/11 incident. Disagreements with the government or the UN, with them, for the sake of greater “goodwill” because the lives of innocent people are now a hot topic in the American political landscape. That is exactly what the Avengers story of the ‘Civil War’ became In Nigeria, a number of ordinary people died at the hands of the Avengers when they cut organic weapons from the enemy. That campaign, led by Captain America, was successful, but it cost the ‘private’ army. It was decided that the Avengers would be under the control of the government from now on And they have the responsibility of Iron Man or Tony Stark

Captain America Steve Rogers’ old friend Bucky Barnes — now known to the world as Winter Soldier — is really harmful, or is he himself a victim of a vicious conspiracy — roughly two percent of the Avenger camp. Where the Captain is for the rest, his friends are for him, just like Iron Man or Tony Stark. Therefore, the dispute So the two sides fight at the airport As many have said, there is so much character in the film, that no character has had the opportunity to give up enough time. But it is also true that the picture is exactly what they needed. Even more important, the context in which this writing began, is 1 ‘Civil War’ is not a movie apart Marvel is slowly becoming part of a larger franchise with superheroes

Just as there is a story of its own, so too is the prelude to the character that Marvel is about to portray as a ‘solo superhero’ in the coming days. Like T’Challa or Black Panther, they will make the film within a few days, showing the character for the first time. Spider-Man starring Tom Holland is set to arrive tomorrow He was also introduced here Not only that, but now that Spiderman or Peter Parker’s ‘Auntie’ is going to be attracted to the picture, it is also shown to Marissa Tomei for a moment. And the fact that Marvel is thinking nothing more about Light or Thor is also hinted at here, leaving them absent.

Marvel on the one hand, DC – on the other hand, there is a two-party battle with superheroes In the near future, ‘Batman Versus Superman’ was released There are also heroes vs. heroes in the same table Many superheroes who have appeared have been thinking of the next ‘Solo’ film about DC. But in Batman-Superman’s story where deep-rooted philosophical differences were limited, the ‘Civil War’ was much more realistic, focused on solving problems. And there it is Each character has taken certain steps to reach a specific goal Their opponents also reacted accordingly In the end, the picture is exactly where it was supposed to be If someone did something exceptional, the movie would not have happened This ‘Predictability’ could not prevent the viewer from going down the hall Because the audience is also stuck in this long-standing — Sumon Roy

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