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Today, on August 12,2019 there are six simultaneous releases in Bangladesh and India’s joint production of ‘Destiny’. Zakir Hossain Raju directed the film produced under the banner of Jazz Multimedia in Bangladesh and SK Movies in India. Although released today in Bangladesh, the film was released on June 7 in India. Arefin Shubh and Jolly have played the central role of the romantic action film.

The story of the film revolves around Mila (Jolie), whose father is a very timid kind of person. All the money and jewelry is kept in the password with the password. The girl does not even pay for the hand. So Millie was forced to steal money from her parents’ room at night. But in another case, Miley was caught. Extremely upset Millie over the crooked father. Meanwhile, Milli’s father is stingy, but in the fear of the masters of the area, they want to donate Rs. Since Millie does not receive the money from his father, he will deal with the Mastan in the area. But while searching for Mastan, met one of the city’s most famous businessmen, Shuvra Ahmed. Mastan, like other wealthy families, wants to contribute to the white family. And the whistleblower killed the Mastans. And that is where Miller first met Shubhra. And at first sight Shuvrur fell in love. Meanwhile, one day a bottle of cold drink inadvertently threw a bottle in the car accidentally when it was unfortunately shoved into a white car. In the end, Shukra Miller wants fifty thousand rupees as compensation. But since Miller’s father is bitter, Mila refuses to pay. Meanwhile, as a compensation, Mila hires one month as the driver of the white car. Milo did not refuse since he liked Shuvra. And this is how one person falls in love with another. Miller’s parents are happy to have such a good boy. But the cruel mockery of fate. An accident happened. The story takes a turn. And to know all this, we have to see the end of the film ‘destiny’.

Abdullah Zaheer Babu’s name is mentioned in the film. Again it is told that the story was inspired by Hollywood’s The Notebook. But to speak the truth, the shadow of the notebook was nowhere to be found. Even before the break in the middle of the picture, 5% of the storyline shown was copy paste from the Korean movie ‘Handset Days With Mr Arrogant’. There is no problem with such copy paste because Bollywood Industries in our country pasted copies of Hollywood, Korean or Tamil movie and the pictures were commercially successful. But the thing is, Bangladesh has not yet learned how to copy and paste in the movie. Unconfirmed issues come out when you copy paste. As seen in the picture, Miley walks into the park to eat Coke in a glass bottle. Coke ends up eating and throws the bottle away. Now the point is Bangladesh is far away, does Coke sell glass bottles anywhere in the Indian subcontinent? The scene here could have been shown differently. Again, in some places in the whole movie, the storyline is so long that the whole thing gets bored. Especially the Emotional Scenes. Emotion matters have been shown so often without reason that afterwards Emotion has moved away from the mind.

When it comes to acting, I would say Arefin Shubh has performed well enough. But in the last scene of the film, his performance in the elderly character was not as good as it could have been. The acting of all the parents of Mila and Shuvra was good acting. Well, Arman Pervez Murad played the villain. But Jali’s acting could not take the mind off. Facial expressions were not found in many places with dialogue. He had no control over his voice even when talking to the dialogue. Jolio might be a bright prospect movie actress if she is a little more focused on acting and using her voice properly.

The art direction of the film was good. Like makeup too. However, the auspicious old form needed to be better absorbed. Everyone in the film liked the dress section too. At least some of the costumes could not be worn as fame.

In most cases, Indian films are more prominent in the films produced by the Jazz banner joint. In some pictures only India is found, the name of Bangladesh is not even found. However, this was not the case in the fate picture. That was good.

The songs in the picture were like 100 percent of the whole film. Each song is better than another. Jhakanaka songs like ‘Dhakai Saree’ were like soft melodious songs like ‘Toke Bare’. But everything has been printed in the remake version of the song ‘After many pursuits’ taken from the nineties film ‘Prem Tumke’. Like the music in a different genre, keeping the tone right.

There was a lot of hope for the three and a half crore budget picture. However, the hope is fairly powdery. But to say that, the film industry of Bangladesh is turning around. I look forward to a better picture.

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