Movies Review By Avenger End Game In 2019

Movie Review: ‘Avengers’ listening to modern mythology

Need to say something new about the Marvel series now. From children to young men and women, everyone is now on the lips of this series.

On the one hand, Baishakh claims. On the other hand, from dawn to night, people are mad for the movie. If you didn’t watch ‘Avengers: Endgame’, you couldn’t really believe this scene! In the morning when it came to any kind, the long line! Multiplex didn’t open yet. When was the last time I saw such a crowd in the city for the movie, I really did not remember.

Of course not only in this city. The same picture is captured in different cities of this country. Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu – The film is being released in different languages. Photo by Anthony Russo, Zach Russo, has already done over a million businesses. Suspensions of the film were already being aired. That being said, this is the last series of ‘Avengers’. It is known who will kill Thanos. Suspense, however, did not end there. Earlier, Thanos had won the world peace message. The population of the world is increasing steadily. So Thanos ended up collecting different Infinity Stones and Avengers.

Need to say something new about the marble series. From children to young men and women, everyone is now on the lips of this series. I was almost lost to see the picture in about four hours. In the words of the couple sitting in the back seat. He says, “Big theory is boring by showing up in movies. This picture is rather good. Lots of suspense, lots of thrills. But there is no theory. “

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The film lost a lot of characters and events, including Hulk, Thanos, Gamora. As if there was no linear narration or the specialty of this image. After the incident. Character after character. For thousands of years, there are many strange species of organisms on different planets. Like the story of childhood. It is like – or the great Mahabharata! That is how we are shown to ourselves in a different way. It shows, in this time of despair, the dialectic of technology and human relations. A number of recent events, including increasing population, lead to the ebbing. But there is no propaganda anywhere. Rather, there is a parable of allegories. Which holds the image in the normal rhythm. Nowhere does it seem so abundant. Don’t feel bored. Looks like this is a recent Marvel series!

The film lost a lot of characters and events, including Hulk, Thanos, Gamora.

The picture is being released on a total of two and a half thousand screens. Tickets were sold for Tk 25 crore till Wednesday. There is no doubt that this is a new record as a sale. I met a baby in the face of the exit from the hall. She and her parents came along this morning to see Marvel’s friends. He still had the impression of four hours in his eyes. Sticker in hand Toys in the bag Everything is Marvel Heroes. Remember, in our childhood. Three-D wasn’t there right then, but we didn’t have glasses to lose on Chad Hill. Yet, multiplexes did not take place!

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Where is our Mowgli, Scooby Doo, Shankara today? Not so complicated and multilayered anecdotes and camera mischief then it is our fairytale. Our dream I caught the surprise of the face of that little baby, the legacy of that dream!

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