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Poorman 2 Movie Review |

Actors: Siam Ahmed, Pooja Cherry, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Said Babu, Nader Chowdhury, Anwara,
Director: Raihan Rafi
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

“Poorman 2” is a true, simple, beautiful love story in our village of Bengal. There is no expressive aesthetic in this film. There are two lives of the widow who is in pain. Ignoring death, money and money, when abundance is not needed in life, love has been here for ages. However, when the separation of love is conquered, the whole village suffers in blue trouble. The director has shown such an incident in the film, it really smells of body and mind.

Movie Review: Poorman 2 released this Eid. The beginning of the movie is the tune of separation. The movie starts with Jasmine’s father Kafil (Fazlur Rahman Babu) groaning. The dead body of Jasmine, who had failed in love, was hanging on a fallen tree, indicating a distress at the beginning of the movie.

Then ten years pass. We see the movie crazy young man who is a blind fan of the late Salman Shah Sujan Shah (Siam Ahmed). Talukder house girl fairy (Pooja Cherry) loves Sujan but does not get any attention to Sujan. The green fields of the village – ghats, paddy fields, ponds, maktabs read together, sports grew in their two minds. That is how the story of the movie goes.

Susan responds to the call of the angel at one time. But Talukder Sahib (Nader Chowdhury) and his son Makshed (Said Babu) were interrupted. Because one Kamla (Bapparaj) brother is Sujan. Knowing the consequences of love, the two are caught on the run. This is where the director reveals a ruthless truth.

Speaking of the positive side of the film, artistic beauty in the frame of the commercial movie will come first! It seems that Raihan Rafi has directed the movie for the first time. It was commendable for Siam’s performance. Viewers are very fond of Siam Perry Chemistry. The camera work, the special drone shot was pretty good. And the songs in this movie were awesome.

And despite the negative side of the film, he returned after a long time in acting. His position as a veteran and popular actor goes without saying in the film. The caption has been taken for the last 20 minutes. At one point Siam’s acting looked like he was trying to act.

The movie Poorman 2 tells the story of being in trouble. The story of two people in one dream. The acting, dialogue, dance-song, climax were all in this film. Based on a folk love story, “Poraman II” is a commercial success.

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