Movies Review By Sesh Theke Suru 2019

From where one story ends, another new story is written. ” The dialogue in the movie “Beginning to End” has been teased by viewers since the trailer’s release. Eid Day was released last week on Eid.

Not only that, after 5 years, no one was able to cope with Git-Quel again. So everyone from the director to the actor showed up and left a mark somewhere. So the beginning of the end is no more. So let’s get up and read the story in the car.

Director – Raj Chakraborty

Acting – Jeet, Koel Mallick, Aetavari Chakraborty

Image Type – Drama

Photo time – 2 hours 5 minutes

Mahid (Jit) and Pujarini (Koel) were introduced on a flight to London. The two began to like the two. Love is soon to make that choice. But behind these things lies the great truth of Mahid’s life. Mahid mistakenly murdered his uncle for the sake of family unrest. After this incident, Mahid returned to London with his brother. It was there that he met Poojarini and began a new chapter in Mahid’s life. But Pujarini suddenly becomes pregnant. At that time, Mahid had to return to Dhaka due to some family problems.

Mahid was given a strange condition for wrongfully shooting his uncle and facilitating his family business. Due to which Mahid has to marry Farzana (traditionally). Meanwhile, Jamaibu priest of Mahid misrepresents Poojarini against Mahid. Mahid returned to London and tried to find Poojarini, but Poojarini refused to meet a murderer.

Poojarini goes back to Kolkata in sadness. The battle for life began on both sides. The story is not there either. In the end, whether Pujarini and Mahid could become one? Or Faridana and Mahid stuck in the family conflict? If you know the answer, then you have to go “start from the end”.

The film’s screenplay and dialogue are very jovial. But as always, the chemistry of Jit and Kohl’s pairing on the big screen has caught the audience’s attention. In the film, the traditional performance is quite good. However, “beginning to end” is quite a bit different from Raj Chakraborty’s other films.

In the movie, the tone of the arcade did not seem to bloom. However, the attempt to tie the mail between Upper-Bangla and Upper-Bangla must be known as Kurnish. Bengal might have exported the language a little better, but it would have been better to use it in film. In the second half of the film, the story could have been a little wider. If you want to see Jit-Quayle’s romance all over again, you can go down the hall to see “End of the End”

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