Movie Review By Panther 2020

Charubak: Winning pictures mean action is everything. Love and items like hot spices must dance. Love will be silent, wordless and exchange of vision. And the heroine of the item dance (respect here) is ashamed, disgusted. This is the typical USP of winning pictures. His new film ‘Panther’ has taken the responsibility of teaching the audience a new lesson in history geography.

For example, in addition to the official approval of Feroz Khan alias Jahangi, the Indian intelligence agency ‘R’, Panther (Jit) went undercover on a new mission. What is the mission? The Mumbai blasts ring and the arrest of the next blast in Kolkata. He’s the One Man Army. He goes to a country called El Dera. There is such a place in Kenya. But I have not heard that it is in Dubai or the Middle East. Another great example of geography is a fictitious country called ‘Tahirikistan’ (no, not Tajikistan). Check-in counters to get to the airport of that country, there is no immigration risk. Panther Mashai’s free movement everywhere. The one whose life mantra is ‘Dil Dhadke – Jai Hind’. Not only is security safe from terrorist attacks, but Panther is dedicated to saving the lives of one hundred and thirty-four people. Not only that, but everyone, including Sudeep Chattopadhyay, the compatriot computer assistant, Sudeep Bandyopadhyay, one of R’s chief.


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Almost single-handedly on foreign soil, Al-Qaeda’s large militant leader, including a moderate drunk, was arrested and brought to Panther in Kolkata. That’s why Panther uses imaginary types of firearms, including mounting equipment. But after use, they have no hadith. Even bigger question is, how did he take such weapons on the plane? Especially, when he travels on Emirates general flights without government approval?

Let’s say, fans of the win do not lend themselves to this logic. Knowledge of history and geography is also relevant. The roar and fists of black cheetahs won the screen all the time, giving the viewer an annoying cheer. The rest of the winners (Eternal, Sudeep, Kanchan, and even respect) are just romance, no work for the hero. In fact, with the idea of ​​winning, the patriotism of patriotism with Mardanga is still being fired. What else can be expected from him!

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