Movie Review By Shikari 2020

The story is brief
Raghu alias Raghab, a disobedient son of Judge’s father from an early age. One day, a father was shot dead by his father’s hand and his mother’s murder started. He fled there and later in Bangladesh.

The Sultan makes himself irresistible. There is no one else comparable to the target killing.

The events in between these movies. The beginning is even more acute. First comes the mission to kill a priest. Then the Sultan offers to shoot a famous judge of the city. The Sultan recognizes his father by shooting him. This is his journey to save his father. Qaeda takes shelter in the Judge’s house as a baby girl. The story of the movie resides in Aigu. Edike slowly comes out of a child’s identity nayikara Raghu has caught the first Sultan erapara grandmother …… Raghav, who hated his father, could not reveal his true identity to his father. The movie goes on. The love of the protagonist continues. The depth of the storyline grows.

One of the first things to mention in action movie is that its actors are acting.

Shakib-Sravanti did not tell apart about the pair. Even though they were the first two, their inner understanding was extraordinary. As the glamor of Shravanti came out against Shakib, the thrilling feeling in this action movie really blew up. The perfect pair of Bengal can also be called !!


Music / Music:
The commercial success of any movie depends largely on the songs of the movie released before the movie is released. In the music service of Indradeep Das Gupto, I will tell the hunter that success. Personally, I became a fan of Shakib’s hatred (not exactly!) After watching the song “Harabo Toke”. R Shakib Khan has collected many compliments through the song. Then “Udh Chori Tor will be married”, Arijit Singh’s voice “No more words” and “Mum Chitte” has been music for the entire movement of Rabindra Sangeet, where Rabindra has added a new dimension. It is difficult to see the use of Rabindra’s music in Bengali cinema! Apart from this, some music can be heard in band music several times, the movie is an entertainment part of it. All in all, I am not giving 10 and a half.


In the action movie, this depends entirely on the comedian and the acting artist. I think Kharaj Mukherjee, the most popular face in the Calcutta movie, fills the place here very well. Rabindra’s work with his guitar has taken it to another level

Action / Fighting
The action of the movie was something special in the face of “Master Rage Kannan”, known in various movie industries in India. The role of the terrific glamor villain Rahul Dev is particularly noteworthy. R Shakib Khan’s action, Fighting was something special. If you do not see the predator, it is a duty to believe!

Under the banner of Jazz Multimedia and ISK Movies, Zakir Hossain, Abdul Aziz, directed by Jaydev Mukherjee, the movie “Shakti” by Himangsu Dhanuka are really special. 4 lakh 4 thousand budget movie has been earning 5,900 dollars since the Eid day. It has not been released in Upper Bengal yet.

Some criticisms:
I do not have the minimum ability to criticize a movie. However, since writing movie reviews – some criticism has to be made.
Context is the whole of this part of me / our emotions!

১. Although here is a joint venture between Bangladesh and India, there are only 2 people using our acting artist !! Apart from Amit Hassan, who played the lead character Shakib Khan and the Commissioner of Police, all the other actors were from Upper Bengal.

  1. In the case of a joint venture between two countries, part of what we see is filming in both the countries.
    ৩. The best part of the movie is its songs. Now there is not one of our country singers !! It would be hard to accept. JAJASH authority could have played a role here. I would have liked to hear the title song “Arijit Singh” even better than Arijit Singh.

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