Is Adsense? How to approval in 7-10 days

Google AdSense Approval, Google AdSense is the highest paid and most trusted relevant advertising platform. The first challenge is to approve AdSense for them. Here’s how to get instant approval for AdSense

If you’ve started a blog and are now wondering how you can make money from it then you’ve come to the right place.

AdSense helps you make money from any website, although there are some niches that are not approved by Google that I have discussed below.

To get AdSense approval you must first create a good quality blog / web site if you want to “approve AdSense for WordPress or blog” then this tutorial will definitely help you.

With millions of page views, your site is nothing short or huge, AdSense is always ready to advertise on your website, but for this you need to comply with their policy then you will get AdSense.

Now your income is directly dependent on three things:

Revenue optimization
2……Nice on the website
3..Traffic Your site is very important. There are some niches in which higher cpc means more income is possible, and some niches have less cpc often means less income. That’s why you have to pick the right niche. You may have tried many times to get Google Adsense approval, but they have repeatedly refused to give you some hidden tips today that will help your AdSense get approved quickly. Just read this article carefully and follow all the instructions. Google AdSense Approval: I have mentioned all the things you should keep in mind before applying for an AdSense account. I have seen many people get adsense approval in 7 days to 2 days, as I myself have the proof and hard work behind it. Today I will share with you my experience so that you can get instant approval. You must comply with and comply with all Google policies. Make sure you have already applied but have not received approval before you apply again: New and quality content is the most important thing. When is a blog not content? It is like a barren land. Update your site regularly. Content Original Content: But to ensure that your site has enough content to present your site to Google better, there should be at least 15-20 articles like 2000+. Articles must be well-written with proper and accurate spelling and formatting. This is a! Great AdSense Approval Strategy Below are some things to keep in mind: Add appropriate titles like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
Titles show your site’s content classification, that is, just H1, use H2 to define main titles, H3 to sub-titles, and H4 to sub-titles. Instead of writing big sentences and paragraphs, write the article in short paragraphs. Use pictures with paragraphs of 3-4 paragraph lengths as needed. Use Seo’s ALT tag. Use the necessary styling, bold underlines, and appropriate styling to make your article look beautiful. There are some Nice sites that Google does not strictly allow. If you have content related to the Nice site described below, it is best to remove it for AdSense approval: Adult / obscene / sexual content
Hacking / Cracking / Warging
Weapons and guns
Poker / Gambling
Phishing / Drugs & Pharmacy
Any other illegal thing If your site is based on any of the topics mentioned, then you are better off not applying for AdSense. This is because you are about to get your account banned. If you have certain content related to this niche, it’s good to remove the content from your site. Website Speed ​​and Structure: Currently the number of mobile Internet users is increasing. Because of this, Google expects your site to load quickly, especially on mobile devices. Test your site with insights, Google’s free PageSpeed ​​tools. This tool analyzes your website and suggests all possible changes you should make to your site to improve load time. Try to score at least 80 on both desktop and mobile page analytics. The higher your score, the faster your site loads. Overall, a beautiful premium theme is always useful for your site in the long run. If you have a WordPress site, I would say use Elegant Responsive Themes.
Google Analytics and Search Console Integration The more Google knows about your site, the better your chances of getting AdSense approval. By embedding your site in Google Analytics, you can place the tracking code on your site and allow you to see all the traffic and performance statistics of your site. In addition to analyzing whether such traffic is sufficient, they can track your site’s traffic sources on Google. Traffic formula: If you do not have traffic on your site, but after getting approval, adsense will not be good when you get wind of it because of poor quality earnings, so you need to bring in huge amount of traffic from the very beginning. There will be possibilities. And for this you can get traffic from social media like social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and to bring in visitors from SearchEngine, you have to do SEO 5 Google is more likely to come from SearchEngine and has higher cpc. Verify your site on Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools. You can use it to analyze and analyze your site’s performance in Google search results. Before you apply for AdSense, make sure that your website is indexed on Google and that every page post on your site is properly indexed. Create a Sitemap Use a top-level domain : Top-level domains, such as .Com or. A top level domain like .NET or .org. Can potentially increase your chances of being approved by AdSense. Worldwide applicable domains of TLDs and Google generally give them a high priority. This is not something you need to worry about if your site is built on a specific domain in a country like .in, if you are starting a new blog, try a TLD. Google considers other things too, so you don’t have to follow strict rules. Moreover, getting AdSense approval for blogger subdomains like is not easy these days. I would advise you to start working by investing some money in a professional way, then it will be helpful to get good results and fast AdSense approval from the beginning. Occasionally hosting providers offer domain hosting for much less money. Your domain name needs to age for at least six months to strengthen your chances of being accepted into the AdSense program. However, this rule does not always apply. Domain age: If you think your site is gaining popularity within a short period of time, you can apply for AdSense at any time. In other countries, this rule does not exist. You will be able to apply for AdSense as well as other rules. Also Check:

Fix Google AdSense Crawl Errors Using WordPress Robots.STX File The longer you age your domain, the more likely you are to get AdSense approval.

Add important pages!
There are some relevant pages that check whether Google has them on your site. These pages are as follows:

About Us
Contact Us
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

These pages are required and must be on your website before you can apply for AdSense.
Each page has a specific purpose. Google helps you understand what your goal is for creating pages.

A contact page tells them that a real person is operating the site and that you can contact them.

Disapproval Pages help Google understand the extent of your liability for the results of your use of the Site.

And finally, the Privacy Policy page tells Google what you collect from users who use your site, and why. This is certainly a follow-up strategy for AdSense approval.

Organic traffic:

If you find that your site is getting some organic traffic, it means that your pages are being indexed on Google and ranked by some keywords for Seo.
This is a positive sign that Google considers approving your AdSense application.

If you place the Google Analytics tracking code on the site mentioned above, then Google will definitely see your traffic. How Organic Your Site Comes to Now It will be up to you to work as hard as you can. Make sure your site gets at least 50 organic traffic a day.

The best way is to write keyword-rich articles. And by ranking these keywords, you get a lot of organic traffic.
Create quality backlinks through guest postings, directory submissions, forum forums, and more.

Aim for less competitive keywords for faster rankings. You will see an increase in organic traffic to your site. A site with organic traffic is always eligible for AdSense approval.

Use AdSense-supported language:

AdSense does not support every language yet. Google only approves certain languages, including our Bengali language.

If your site contains any of these languages, only you can apply for AdSense.

AdSense supported language
Provide 100% Correct Information When Applying Once you’ve made sure your site meets all of the criteria outlined above, it’s time to finally apply for the AdSense program. But you also have to be careful at this stage. It is not only when you fill out some of the application forms

Below are a few important things to keep in mind:

Never try to cheat AdSense by filling in false / false information for AdSense approval, so you will cheat yourself in the future.
Don’t Try to Create Multiple Accounts Use Your Own Google Account to Create an AdSense Account Never Apply to a Website permanently banned by AdSense Be sure to fill in your account / provider’s name correctly as it will be changed later Almost impossible

An AdSense account can only be created using a Google Account which means you can only use your email address.

Adherence to Google Webmaster Guidelines AdSense is not just a Google owned web service. Google is the most used site and search engine in the whole world.

If you actively follow these guidelines, Google always finds favor with your site in terms of monetization and ranking.

Take a look at the full Google Webmaster Guidelines here.

There is no specific time for AdSense approval. However, account activation takes between 24 and 48 hours and again it can take several weeks.

Blogger AdSense Approval:
As with any other platform, a Blogger blog can also give you the opportunity to approve your AdSense account using the same techniques.

The top-label domain is not so expensive you will get a maximum of 5-12 bucks. If you want to work professionally long time, the top label domain will be better. And it will always help you in the long run. Buy a domain name and add it to your Blogger or Blogspot blogs.

Also, never apply for an AdSense for Blogspot domain through your Blogger Dashboard. If Google approves this account, it will be restricted to Blogger only.

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